Chateau Fonguillon 2005 ~ Montagne Saint Emilion

Chateau Fonguillon 2005 ~ Montagne Saint Emilion

Chateau Fonguillon 2005 ~ Montagne Saint EmilionA Jean-Noël Boidron crafted wine from Chateau Fonguillon. This Grand vin de Bordeaux hits all the right notes. Deep ruby in colour with ripe rich notes of plums, damsons, and with a mellow earthy liquorice finish to round it off. A well balanced young wine and is cheap but delivers a lot of value for money.

About Montagne Saint Emilion

The village of Montagne lies opposite the Saint-Emilion Appellation and shares its major characteristics. Less well known, its wines are wonderfully surprising. They are elegant, full-bodied and distinguished.

Montagne winegrowers have taken advantage of Saint-Emilion’s proximity to improve their vines and the quality of their wines. This Appellation has become a rising star in the region.

Its weather is almost identical to its neighbour’s Saint-Emilion, separated from Montagne by only a small stream, the Barbanne.

The terroir consists of limestone and clay limestone soils on a thick and compact layer of porous asteriated limestone, which, by providing water to the vines during the summer dry period, plays an essential nutritional role. The more gravel and sandy soils produce results that are lighter, more delicate and less tannic than the areas with limestone.

The Appellation’s blend generally consists of Merlot (60% of vines planted) and Cabernet Franc (30%).

Cabernet Sauvignon, which is more difficult to cultivate due to its late ripening, is reserved for the “warmest” and best-exposed fields.

Montagne-Saint-Emilion wines are elegant, full-bodied and always distinguished. They are generally robust with wonderful Merlot and Cabernet Franc tannins contributing to their structure.

Intense aromas of red berries, undergrowth and cherry are joined by, blackberries and liquorice to balance the power of these wines.

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