Keeping Those Memories Precious

CorkeeperSo, you’ve just had the meal of your life, spent with good friends, and a great bottle of wine. You want to preserve that memory, so you grab the cork from that bottle. More often than not, that cork will just end up in a drawer somewhere or in the trash. That is why I think Corkeeper is such an awesome product. Corkeeper is a frame specially designed with a space for a cork and a small photo. The manufacturer suggests that the people involved in whatever event sign the cork and insert a photo. Voila! You have a nice souvenir to preserve the memories. It is simple, but a great idea. It would make a great addition to every winery tasting room which would seem to be a natural fit. Many people who pass through tasting rooms have fond memories after they leave. Give them an opportunity to walk away with something to remember the experience and it’s a no brainer. If I worked in a tasting room, I could sell a ton of these.

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